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At NAC, we have fantastic opportunities for both employed and self employed engineers to join the highly regarded and fastest growing out of warranty repair company in the business – at both trainee and experienced levels.

If you are looking for full-time employment, please follow this link – Employed Engineer Job Vacancies

If you are a self employed engineer, or you are wanting to start a self employed career, then being a part of the largest independent repair network in the domestic appliance repair industry is a no-brainer.

“I have worked with NAC I believe almost since they started their operation, at first I was a bit sceptical as I have had bad experiences with other companies in the past, I had probably only been trading as a self employed engineer for about 12 months before their call. I remember Adrian called me and asked if I could take on some work for them, he said just let me send a few jobs, you collect all the money at the customers house, and we will invoice for any jobs accepted, and just see how it goes for a week or so. Since then I have worked very closely with the growing team at NAC, covering over 6 thousand service calls to date. Everything works really well, especially their new job booking platform, and the constantly updating training facilities either at base or on line, all the staff a really helpful and there if you need advise on anything job related. I must admit it’s a nice buzz when your doing your days’ work and there is a constant stream of jobs coming through, giving you some job security. Overall I wouldn’t think twice if you can work with them, They are a great team & I’m more than happy to carry on working with them well into the future..”Ian Pittas, Appliance Action, Bristol.

If you are self employed, if you have a desire to earn more, if you have plans or ideas to grow your business, if you would like to develop a large customer base and if you would like to be a part of a great team of engineers and admin staff all working together to achieve the above, you need to join NAC – there’s just no two ways about it.

At NAC, we do all the ‘techie’ stuff like develop systems to book and manage repairs, create, develop and manage huge advertising campaigns, employ team members to handle all the inbound calls to identify good quality, cash paying out of warranty customers while filtering out all callers that are just after free advice or want repairs for nothing leaving you free to crack on with repairing appliances!


“I run my own business and working for NAC has provider beneficial work. As a network engineer I have access to Servicemate which provides daily work for me to access or decline with a valid reason. Notifications come with texts and emails so I can adapt my work schedule and make contact with customers. On each visit to customers a call-out charge is collected along with cost of parts if required. Another beneficial asset is that there is no follow paperwork on invoice trail to attend to, NAC infrastructure take care of all the unnecessary admin that can bog down an engineer working. At the end of each week an invoice is generated and a direct debit set up transfers the monies owed to NAC for supplying work. This is a partnership that has worked well for my business. I would highly recommend any sole trader or business with multiple engineers available to work along side NAC and their business structure.” John Conroy, JC Repairs, Kent.

Expand your customer base

If you are an appliance repair engineer looking to increase your customer base and earn more money, then NAC are here to help you.

By becoming one of our network of professional repair engineers, you will be part of the UK’s largest out-of-warranty appliance repair group, bringing you more customers, more support and more money.

Unlike some other work providers in the UK, NAC are here to help you – with a proper share of the income, full network support and gives you the freedom to undertake full administrative duties of your jobs and a whole lot more.

Raise your Local Profile on our Independent Service website

NAC has delivered a brand new and fresh alternative way of match-making consumers to engineers, at a completely new level, not seen before in the appliance industry.

Our Independent Service website aims to allow end users to quickly search for and identify appliance repair engineers in their local area, and then more importantly, be able to compare the profile snippets of local, eligible engineers to allow them to book the one that they feel best suits their needs. This changes the traditional model of an “anonymous” repair booking process whereby an end user has no idea about the person that’s turning up. The end result is a higher conversion rate, better relationships between chosen engineers and their new customers and a much better all round journey for the end user.

All members of the NAC network are offered a completely free profile on the Independent Service website.

Show You're a Pro... Become CPD Accredited

We are really excited for the future as the out of warranty repair environment is about to get a whole lot busier. Times are changing and people are coming away from the throw away society we’ve had recently so there is more of a demand for us and our skills. So now is a great time to be focussing on our skills, developing our experience and enhancing our knowledge.

How can NAC play its part?

In order to support our network with technical resources which in-turn, will see a rise in repairs, a decline of BER’s / incorrectly diagnosed repairs and write-offs while increasing profits, currently, the NAC National Training Centre run both online and offline City & Guilds Assured and CPD Accredited Training for the following modules:

  • Washing Machines – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Tumble Dryers – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Heat Pump Dryer – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Refrigeration – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Cookers & Ovens – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Microwave Ovens – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Hobs (Electric, Ceramic & Induction) – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures
  • Dishwashers – Component Breakdown, Testing and Repair Procedures

As a valued NAC Network Member, you would get completely free of charge access to our online modules and CPD Accreditation.


“As an industry trained engineer that has worked with two major manufacturers of white goods, I was looking for a way to work more independently along with keeping the financial security afforded with employment. The NAC network had afforded me just that and with their streamline infrastructure and cooperative staff which alleviates a lot of pressure is a major plus point. Thank you NAC!!” Leo Bacchus, London Appliance Repairs, London.

Who are NAC?

Formed back in 2012, NAC is a fully established and respected network of professional engineers across the UK. From our Wakefield HQ, we operate a call centre with dedicated team of marketeers and administrative staff who work tirelessly on capturing those customers in need of white goods appliance repairs, in the very same way that major insurance companies and even manufacturers tout for the very same customer (although our motive is very different – we do not want to sell them an insurance policy to then sub-contract the repair out at a low fixed contract rate and remove them from the out of warranty pool – but that’s another conversation).

At NAC we are extremely keen to provide opportunities for our engineers to build new customer relationships. We are not focused on maximising our own profit margin at the detriment of the great people who do the repair work, but on forming an alliance of equals by encouraging that you make sure that after the first repair, that is your customer – Do a good job, make a good impression, leave your contact details and they’ll be yours forever!

What do NAC offer a self-employed engineer?

  • We use our marketing expertise and budget to advertise services both in your local area and nationally.
  • We provide you with fully chargeable repair jobs local to you.
  • A system of payment which includes a direct customer-engineer model, meaning you are paid by the customer directly, enabling you to maximise profits and improve cashflow.
  • A supply your own parts system – allowing you to source parts directly, cutting out the middle man for both timing and profit margin purposes.
  • The freedom to negotiate repeat business directly with the customer – no greedy exclusive contracts from NAC!
  • Increased cashflow and a hike in profits – Income coming straight in to your bank for both callout / labour and spare parts
  • Boost your online reputation! Do a good job and receive positive feedback to your online profile

How does it work and how do I get paid...

We at NAC work very well with engineers or businesses that are happy to take complete ownership of repairs, from the point of booking right through to invoicing and care deeply about their reputations.

How does it work?

Very simple – We’ll send you all the details about the customer, the appliance type, fault information and the customers preferred visit date. That’s all you have to then do is accept or reject the booking.

If you accept the booking, you will liaise with the customer from that point on. You attend and collect the quoted / agreed service charge from your new customer on your first visit. If a repair is completed without parts, that’s it – Job done!

If parts are required, simply quote, source and supply any parts as needed yourself. By sourcing and supplying your own spare parts, this enables you to retain 100% part profit plus the profit from the NAC service charge that you collected originally.

  • Unlike some other work providers, NAC will never ask you to supply parts with your mark-up and then increase that with a mark-up for NAC. We keep well out of the parts supply and payment process.
  • Unlike some other work providers, NAC will never ask that we take payment for parts from the customer and then pay you your lesser amount at a later date
  • NAC will never ask that we supply spare parts where you are administrating the repair.
  • NAC will always help you locate difficult spare parts, if needed in order to achieve the highest repair rate possible.

All payments are made to you directly from the customer, leaving you just to pay your commission to us. Our commission for booking the repair request and introducing you to the customer is a flat £25 + VAT. If the repair makes you £85+ for a one visit fix where parts are not used or £MuchMore where you supply spares and retain parts profit on a job, our commission remains fixed.

Payment risk – Unlike some other work providers, because you pay NAC a commission for the repairs that you accept, NAC is completely risk-free to your business. If one day, something catastrophic happened to NAC, you would not be out of pocket at all as we’re not holding your money!

What are you waiting for? Join Us Today!

Want to see how we stack up against other ‘Work Providers’?

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£60 - £120 + Profit on spare parts
  • “Show you’re a pro” – Completely free CPD Accreditation
  • Payment made directly to you – While on site
  • Source, supply and fit your own parts
  • Make and retain spare part profit
  • Get more work through referrals and repeat repairs
  • Complete freedom to receive jobs to suit your work schedule
  • Debits later down the line for repairs that go wrong
  • If NAC went bust, you might not get paid
  • High Demands (KPIs to meet)
  • Get paid up to 30 days after the repair

Some Alternative Work Providers

Payments from just £25 per repair
  • “Show you’re a pro” – Completely free CPD Accreditation
  • Payment made directly to you – While on site
  • Source, supply and fit your own parts
  • Make and retain spare part profit
  • Get more work through referrals and repeat repairs
  • Complete freedom to receive jobs to suit your work schedule
  • Debits later down the line for repairs that go wrong
  • If some of these companies went bust, you might not get paid
  • High Demands (KPIs to meet)
  • Get paid up to 30 days after the repair
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

All NAC generated Repairs are administrated on ServiceMate

ServiceMate is a custom built Job Management System that has been designed for both Work Provider and Service Provider by Engineers and Management
Why Choose NAC?
Same & Next Day Repairs Icon Same & Next Day Repairs Icon

Same & Next Day Repairs

We aim to send an engineer on the same day of reporting the fault or the next day where possible.

All Repairs Guaranteed Icon All Repairs Guaranteed Icon

All Repairs Guaranteed

We believe in our skills and follow that up with a standard guarantee of our work to give you peace of mind.

No Hidden Charges Icon No Hidden Charges Icon

No Hidden Charges

We understand the importance of budgeting and make sure you are fully aware of all costs in advance.

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Family Run Business

Husband and Wife team Adrian & Amanda set the standards at NAC with over 40 years experience.